Huge Salvage Sale - That 70s Thang (The Backyard Salvage Sale!!)

Our crew comes across A LOT of stuff. We have to be careful what we take, because if not, our storage would fill to the max in the matter of days. It would be nice to quickly find a place for the things we find to go, but that could be impossible. Sometimes we come across a huge amount of stock like wood, doors, hardware, amongst other things. In this round of salvage, we salvaged a home that is scheduled for demo and inside was a huge amount of vintage clothing, all wrapped in plastic and hung nice and neat. It looked like the previous owners just dry cleaned it all in the 60s, hung on a rack, and left it for the next many years to come. This is one of those things we just could not let get thrown into the landfill. So this Saturday we're opening our salvage warehouse to the public from 12-4pm. On sale will be a huge collection of 60s and 70s Vintage Clothes. Lots of really really cool designs and very nice fabric, kept in excellent shape! Everything else in the warehouse is also drastically marked down for these hours. Any piece of clothing is only $5 AND any door $50 or less. In our warehouse you'll find a wide array of household items, architectural things like flooring, reclaimed wood for accent walls and lots of other woodworking and repurposing materials. Everything is going to be priced to sell. We salvage so nothing worth while goes to waste and to give you the opportunity to access some cool things for your home or projects. See you Saturday!! 

For any questions, please call Mike at 407-961-2601 or email